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Image by Ruy Albcrem

Florentine walks


Passeggiate fiorentine: Visite guidate
The real story of the
Medici family

Do you remember the TV series about the Medici? Forget about it!

On this tour you’ll discover their real story which is far more exciting and full of dramatic twists and turns. Join the tour and you’ll feel like one of the Medici family.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Image by Riccardo Trezzi
Enigmas, mysteries and eccentricities of Florence

Did you know there are talking columns in Florence? Each one tells a story.

Come with me and discover the enigmas, the eccentricities and the peculiarities of Florence.

This tour will take you to the unusual and picturesque corners of the town.

A tour for those who wish to add something new to their knowledge of Florence.

A tour for the curious who want to be surprised.

Santo Spirito mon amour

This tour walks you through what the Lonely Planet called the coolest district of Florence.

We’ll discover its history and secrets.

A journey which takes us to the beautiful and unique Basilica di Santo Spirito to the discover the only wooden crucifix sculpted by the young Michelangelo.

Image by Gabriella Grassia


Di quà e Diladdarno
On this side and that side of the Arno

Follow the river and discover the town and their controversial and unreliable relationship.

Like salmon, we’ll follow the river upstream, discovering on this side and that side of the Arno Liberty architecture, residences of princes, Manzonian sites, antiques ports and bridges and much, much more.

Follow the picturesque in Florence down and up its streets

On this tour you’ll get to know unexplored lanes and find yourself in the countryside inside Florence!

You’ll discover picturesque sites and more…

Be sure to bring your camera!

Image by Jhon Paul Dela Cruz
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