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Enigmas, mysteries and eccentricities of Florence

Walking through Florence you might come across closed/walled up windows, towers popping out of walls, decorations on the pavement and much more – all with their own meanings.

If you like surprises and mysteries  this is the tour for you. There is much more to Florence than the beauty of its streets, squares and palaces.

There are so many peculiarities, enigmas, eccentricities and mysteries that Florence treasures.

This tour will let you see up close those details, given a fleeting glance but never closely observed.

Here we’ll talk about the proud character of the Florentines but also about their darker side. We’ll talk about conspiracies, deep loves which transcend centuries, unsolved mysteries.

We’ll walk through known squares and little-known allies.

We’ll talk about great Florentine families, beautiful palaces but also about the dark side of town.

Curiosity is the basic ingredient of this tour.



You’ll see: Piazza SS Annunziata, Palazzo Pucci, Piazza Duomo, Via del Proconsolo, Piazza San Firenze, Piazza Signoria, Piazza del Porcellino, Piazzetta del Limbo, Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, Ponte Santa Trinità.

The tour takes about 2 hrs.

Image by Riccardo Trezzi
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