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Image by Ras Jayamaha

The Unusual

The Maf.
The Archaeological Museum of Florence

Did you know that Florence boasts the second-largest collection of Egyptian finds in Italy? Here you’ll find sarcophagi, canopic jars, steles and even mummies.

In the AMF all the sections are full of surprises: the Etruscan one is one of the largest in Italy not to mention the Greek and Roman rooms and of course the Lorena collections.

The extraordinary staging of the exhibits will make you feel like a budding archaeologist.

Casa Siviero Museum.
The 007of art

The house of collector Rodolfo Siviero is among the little-known and rarely visited extraordinary places in Florence.

Siviero is also known as the 007 of Art – he succeeded in bringing back to Italy works of art stolen by the Nazis.

But he also did much more. Here you’ll discover an extraordinary man and extraordinary times.

Visit his wonderful house and collection.

The Florentine Mosaic:
the magic of stone paintings

Florentine mosaics or “commesso” – which is the old name of the technique – similar to ancient mosaics – were created at the beginning of the 17th century.

Its art and manufacture were so perfect as to transform stones into pictures.

This small and rarely visited museum is unusual in the Florentine panorama and demonstrates the incredible evolution and realization of this art, unique in all Italy.

Come in and let yourself be surprised.

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