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The secrets of the Bargello

Palace of the People’s Captain, Bargello, first National Museum; these are some of the Bargello’s names which record its history.

First connected with the Florentine Republic, it became its main prison – hence the name Bargello – until Florence was the capital of a unified Italy and it became a museum.

The Bargello became a museum in 1865, thanks to the presence of works of art.

It grew too thanks to the sensational discovery of a portrait of Dante by his friend and contemporary Giotto, placing it among the earliest portraits of the divine poet. It’s an unusual portrait as Dante’s nose is much different to the one we are used to.

Later on, the Bargello became the seat of Renaissance sculpture housing works from great 15th and 16th century artists – the first arrival being Michelangelo and then Donatello. The museum’s history and beauty are awesome.

Often excluded from traditional tourist circuits, it’ll be like travelling back in time through medieval and Renaissance Florence.

The tour takes 90 minutes.

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