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Antiche trattorie Fiorentine: Buca Mario

Among the oldest and most famous Florentine restaurants there is Buca Mario, founded in 1886 by Mario Corsini, who initially decided to make it a place where only pappa and ribollita were served, with wine.

Buca Mario is located in the cellars of Palazzo Niccolini, in a hole [hence the name Buca ed] of the sixteenth century, which was used as a shelter for meats, cold cuts, and especially as a cellar and storage of fine wines, for this reason huge oak barrels surrounded the thick walls that protected and created an ideal temperature.

Going down the stairs is like stepping back in time and you have the feeling of eating in the middle of history, Tuscan delicacies such as the classic ribollita, pappardelle with wild boar sauce, fried egg and truffle and the excellent steak.

In addition, if you are a small group ask to go in the private room, an exclusive privèe, which is nothing more than a sixteenth-century lounge, a perfect place to frame dinners with friends and family!

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