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The historic shops of Florence: Campolmi Filati

In the alley that connects Via dell'Oriuolo with the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, named after the hospital's founder Folco Portinari, at number 19 is one of Florence's historic shops, open since 1954: Campolmi Filati.

The company was founded in the 1930s by Emilio and Ida Campolmi as a haberdashery.

In 1954 it was their son Giampaolo who decided to specialise in the field of yarns.

After a long and careful study, the company began to process its own raw materials and acquired the structure that we still see today.

Over time, production has reached remarkable levels of quality and quantity, diversifying the fields of action thanks to his wife Vanna and children Roberto and Carla, opening the large shop located in Via Portinari (once "Via delle Pappe"), home of the kitchens of the ancient Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, founded by Folco Portinari in 1288, father of Dante's famous Beatrice, just behind the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Today the company is represented by Roberto Campolmi, as owner, and by his sister Carla, in charge of the shop, who, with the help of people from inside and outside the business, administer and carry on the tradition of the old workshop with new ideas.

Campolmi Filati is a historic Florentine workshop that has been taking care of the raw materials and producing its own yarns for knitting, looms and the knitting industry since 1954.

The variety of products meets the customer's needs by enhancing a product made entirely in Italy, where the various stages of processing and transformation of the fibre are entirely controlled and monitored internally to ensure quality standards.

The Made in Italy label is an important brand that enhances the company and makes it attractive worldwide.

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