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Santo Spirito mon amour

This tour walks you through what the Lonely Planet calls one of Florence’s coolest areas.

It’s certainly the most authentic and genuine neighbourhood of the old town. From the 16th century, this neighbourhood revealed its double nature in being home to both rich and influential Florentines and to the working-class often in need of assistance.

Along the streets of Santo Spirito we’ll talk about the Florentine Resistance movement; the massacre of piazza Tasso.

We’ll talk about romantic and passionate love stories. We’ll enter into the Basilica, projected by Brunelleschi – in fact one of his last works, which in itself brought many highly interesting innovations to his style of architecture.

The tour continues into the Basilica di Santo Spirito where we’ll admire the various beautiful internal decorations.

We’ll conclude in front of Michelangelo’s only crucifix which he made when he was 18!

You’ll see: Piazza Tasso, Piazza del Carmine, Piazza Santo Spirito, Piazza San Felice, via Maggio – entry and visit of the Basilica di Santo Spirito.

The tour takes 90 minutes

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